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Why Millennials Don’t Want To Work For You

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Having trouble attracting new talent? Are you finding Millennials frustrating because they are lazy, incompetent and never able to focus on a single task? If you feel this way about hiring those 20 somethings, I have the answer to your problem.

They don’t like you.

If you share the perceptions I mentioned above, that Millennials are lazy & terrible workers, you are one of many people that openly share these thoughts. The only problem about this perspective is that you are going into every interview, every meeting, every opportunity with Millennials with that prejudice. One thing you should know about Millennials is that they are one of the most marketed to generations of all time, and they know a fake when they see one.

I  recently attended a Social Media conference where a VP of a large tech firm talked about their problems hiring ‘kids’, referring to millennials. I had the opportunity to address him – and his audience – publicly about the issue by first introducing myself as a Millennial and telling him about my current life situation. I am married. I own my house. I have four kids. I run a digital marketing agency. I am attending this $2K two day conference. And no, I’m not a kid.

Another Millennial poked her head out in the crowd as well and was also running a successful Social Media business. The best part of this whole ordeal was when he asked this young woman to email him her credentials to see if she would be a fit. Her response was priceless: “Sorry, I’m not looking for a job, but I’ll take you on as a client.” Embarrassing, simply embarrassing for this organization trying to be ‘kid / millennial friendly’.

They aren’t who you think they are.

Calling millennials kids doesn’t make millennials feel good. Just like most boomers don’t like being called ‘old guys’ even though they are retiring pretty soon, if not already.

They want purpose, not just a job. 

Millennials are certainly a new generation who act, think and live differently than their parents. From my experience, they strive for purpose above pay checks, values above window desks, and relationships over positions. If you try to attract them with a bit more money than their current job, or your corporate ‘brand’ on their resume, they may not give you the response you want. If they can see through the job description and see a meaningless, pointless job, they are out of there.

So if you are having difficulties hiring Millennials, maybe the problem is you, not them?

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