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Why I moved into the cloud & what I found there

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I hate buzzwords. I really do. I don’t know how many times people have asked me if our websites are ‘in the cloud’ or not. I just end up saying yes and may even throw in a quick ‘your website is cloud compatible’ for good measure.

Working in the cloud for me means to be able to do what you need to do in a browser and rely less on your physical hardware and applications. Every person will have different parts of their work in & outside the cloud. My goal has been to move as much online as possible the past few years. Why am I doing this? For three simple reasons:

1. Reliability – I sometimes hear this as the main reason why people don’t want to switch to everything online. Statements like, “What happens if I don’t have internet access??” or “Can I really trust those online programs to work all the time?” are asked a lot about cloud-working.

Problems do happen, but the bigger question is this: what’s more likely to happen to you while working – your computer dying / shutting down / getting wiped, or Google’s servers going down? Yeah, I thought so. Although working online may have its risks (most not lasting more than a few minutes), I have known tons of people losing weeks of work or years of pictures because their laptop went up in smoke.

For me, I trust the servers at Google MORE than the laptop that sits on my desk.

2. Work from anywhere – Many boast the they can work from anywhere, but that is only if they have their computer / laptop and access to all of the proper docs. For some it is an idea but not a reality.

Over the past three months, my company has made this a reality. Our documents, project management, emails, calendars, tasks, customer support, meetings, presentations, sales pipelines, assets, contacts, billing…. you name it, are online. If I have an internet connection and a browser, I can do my job.  If my laptop goes in the drink, I could simply pick up a new one and get going in minutes.

3. Collaboration – Working from the cloud allows you to collaborate easier than ever before. Although we have a long way to go towards using all of the capabilities of online collaboration, it makes group tasks extremely easy to manage. Versioning, commenting and approvals have never been so fast for us at Candybox and we are constantly looking at ways of engaging our customers to collaborate with us to help make their projects go faster.

How about you? Do you work mostly online or offline? Do you have fears of moving into the cloud?

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