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Why I Built an Underground Man-Cave

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I don’t typically comment about current events in the news, but the recent articles and questions about the Toronto Man-Cave builders has prompted me to write this.

If you have been living under a rock, or in a well-built underground man-cave with no radio, last week authorities found a 32′ X 6′ X 2.5′ tunnel in a Toronto forrest. There was a ton of commotion in the news with wild theories including burying evidence to even terrorism at this years PanAm games.

Today it turns out that they found the two men that built it, and discovered that all they wanted to do was to build a man-cave. Plain and simple.

The news is now having tons of conversations on why these guys would build a 32′ man cave, and I have the answer; because they could.

I built a man cave. 

When I was 12 years old, my buddies and I were bored one summer and decided to start digging a pit in a forrest. Why? Because we could. We dug a nice big pit (not as big as theirs as we didn’t have tools) with our hands and a crappy shovel, and then decided to cover it with logs. After the logs were on top, we decided to bury it and build ourselves a man-cave. Why? BECAUSE WE COULD. We honestly had nothing better to do, and it just seemed like a good idea.

We then furnished it with boards all around the interior to keep us from looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away every time we spent a few hours in there. We brought a small battery-operated stereo. We had snacks. We loved it. It was ours.

It was somewhere that we could all go to escape from reality and just do nothing. It was awesome, and yet it was just a hole in the ground, but we felt like we owned. It didn’t serve a purpose, it just was.

Why didn’t they build room?

Narrow paths are easier to support than wider ones. These guys weren’t architects, they just wanted to go underground. If they built a wide room, they’d have to do a lot more work to support it from collapsing.

Why 32′ long?

This one is too easy to answer. Why not! If you start building a tunnel / man-cave, why would you stop? Every time you go down to hang out, all you have down there is your digging tools and your memories of building your current man cave. I would want to see how far we could go!

Hope this helps shed some light on a very dark cave 🙂

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