The Misunderstood Generation

“Darrell contributed to the success of the Young Entrepreneurs Conference 2018. His keynote speech was insightful and relevant to today’s competitive digital industry. Every moment of his keynote speech was thought provoking, educational, and entertaining. Darrell’s charisma and humour captivated our attendees, and everyone loved his speech!”

Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) Association

Meet a millennial named Darrell.

  • Learn about millennials from a millennial

    Darrell is a married father of four. He runs two successful digital marketing agencies. And he’s going to tell you why your take on the millennial generation is largely bull.

  • Yes, millennials are different

    They pursue purpose at work. They demand flexibility. However, contrary to popular opinion, they’re big into communication, appreciate being mentored, and make things happen.

  • Understand the shift

    The future belongs to companies who engage this influential generation of change-makers. In this unbridled keynote, Darrell will school you on why you must recruit millennials to grow your business.

With Darrell