Disruptive Digital Marketing

“With our conference theme “Being Relevant in this Transformational Age” focused on engaging and developing young talent, Darrell hit the mark with his lively presentation and informative content. Darrell is an outstanding speaker and has the ability to deliver a message synchronized with our theme.”

John Jefkins | Vice President, Marketing & Communications – Electro-Federation

There Are New Rules
For Engagement Online

  • Is your company ready to be digital?

    You live in one of the most connected countries in the world. Digital media has drastically changed your life and the lives of everyone around you. Has your company embraced it?

  • Ever wonder why Canadians are boycotting Heinz?

    Darrell plans to reveal the answer. He’ll delve into the mechanics of game-changing digital marketing and explain how businesses are disrupting the status quo to generate leads and build relationships.

  • Learn how to be successful online

    Darrell’s keynote is packed with real examples and insights on how your company can build a digital plan to move the needle.