37 Ways Your Website
Has Died

“Darrell provides rich insights into the industry, along with real experiences and solutions in a way that is engaging and applicable for all audiences. His message is both entertaining and relevant, allowing all attendees to understand and implement his teachings in their own work.”

Dr. William R. Holmes | Vice Provost – Sheridan College


  • Technology has changed

    Canadians and buyers worldwide consume more content than ever before. It’s time businesses changed how they connect with customers and responded with modern marketing strategies.

  • Out with the old and in with the new

    Darrell will shoot gaping holes in the antiquated perceptions that continue to rule how the online community thinks about websites, social media and customer communications. Then he’ll show you how successful modern brands connect with consumers and build brand equity.

  • An online presence is mandatory

    Buckle up for a revealing session on the important realities of digital marketing and learn how to build a digital presence to not only generate sales, but to win advocates for life.

With Darrell