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Disrupting The Web Design Industry With Launch 48

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When a small business needs to get a website up and running, it’s like getting a root canal over a 6 month period. I’ve heard horror stories from business owners of delayed launches, frustrating email threads with designers, and even being dissatisfied with the end product when all is said and done.¬†If the website does eventually get launched, they are …

Home office

5 Benefits of Working from Home

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I have the privilege of working from home. A luxury that many businesses don’t fully understand, and regularly critisize. Since Yahoo called in their virual workers in 2013, there has been even more speculation about whether working from home is a good option for businesses. If you want to read an excellent book on the topic, I would highly recommend …


Beginning of a Social Journey with Golf

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It’s about relationships. I use that term in almost every marketing plan, presentation, speaking event, seminar… you get the picture. It always comes back to relationships in business. On an almost daily basis I am questioned about the value that Social Media has for individual business, and I always need to bring it back to WHO their customer is and …