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Why Millennials Don’t Want To Work For You

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Having trouble attracting new talent? Are you finding Millennials frustrating because they are lazy, incompetent and never able to focus on a single task? If you feel this way about hiring those 20 somethings, I have the answer to your problem. They don’t like you. If you share the¬†perceptions I mentioned¬†above, that Millennials are lazy & terrible workers, you are …

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Why I Hire Millennials

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Over the past decade, Millennials have received a lot of flack for being born in-between the infamous years of 1980-2000. How the corporate world has come to writing off an entire generation of talent, I will never know, but I think it needs to be addressed. Entitlement¬†is a term that is used a lot by these same critics, and without …