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Staying Healthy While Working Remotely

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I have admit it publicly, I am what some people call skinny-fat. I eat whatever I want and don’t gain a pound. I may be slim on the outside, but I have been not doing what I know I should be doing; eating right and exercising.

I could list the endless excuses of not staying fit (having kids, running my own business, etc.) but everyone else has these excuses. The reality is that CEO’s of companies much much much larger than mine can find time to exercise and eat right, so I have no excuse. Working remotely means that some days I don’t leave the house, or even walk 100 steps.

Last year, I encouraged our team @CandyboxMktg to join fitness clubs / classes and the like, and they did! I was surprised to hear about the nightly kick-boxing classes, runs and activities that everyone was doing, except me. I have always been adamant about leading by example, and in this area, I was failing miserably.

So I decided that I needed to take swift (and maybe even extreme) action and start doing daily workouts that would kick the crap out of me. I heard about P-90X, a crazy workout routine that whips you into shape, and was very thankful for my wife & staff to talk me off the ledge and do one slightly less intense workout routine called INSANITY.

The problem was this: I hadn’t worked out since high-school gym (which I barely attended) and I knew I was going to quit.

As with most problems, I looked to Google to fix it (this is a non-sponsored blog just in case you were wondering). The team at Candybox all decided to join me in the 60 day workout routine and we created an online spreadsheet to allow us to track our progress and keep each other accountable.

It’s day 3 on the challenge and I have never felt better. If you are a praying person, add me to the list. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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