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Similarities between Golfing & Social Media

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This year, I started golfing for business. Yes, that’s right; I am golfing to improve my business. Is that such a crazy notion? Not really. Here’s a pathetic attempt below of me taking my first few swings…

The majority of people would agree that a lot of business is done on the golf course. But you don’t see people going from tee to tee with spreadsheets, contracts and project plans do you? That’s because Golfing is about relationships, and relationships will almost always lead to doing business together.

The majority of businesses look at Social Media as a way to broadcast their message into ‘the internets’ and the magical social media ferry will usher in customers desperate to buy their services or follow them on Twitter. This is like going to a golf club and SHOUTING AS LOUD AS YOU CAN about your value proposition on the first hole and expect guys to be lining up to buy. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Social Media has always been about relationships, not broadcasting. If we applied the same pathetic attempts to self-promote ourselves at a golf course, we’d be quickly thrown out or at least made fun of by every member that hears our message. The same is true of Social.

Those companies who tirelessly broadcast their message, void of relationship, will be ostracized and always wonder why their ‘reach’ isn’t working for them.

My advice to those that feel convicted about launching an annoying social media presence? Repent & reinvent.

Repentance doesn’t mean feeling shame about what you’ve done, it just means ‘returning to the high place’. A place where you should have been. It’s about returning to the good thing, rather than focusing on your mistakes. Admit that most of what you’ve done online hasn’t been helpful and start purging your old online junk. Now you have the opportunity to reinvent your social self and start fresh! Where to start? How about just being real about who you are? You may find out that people actually like who you are, and may invite you to play a round of golf.

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