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Sheridan College Hall of Fame

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Last week I was inducted into the Sheridan College Hall of Fame. It has been a great privilege accepting this award and having a permanent place in one of the most innovative Colleges in Canada. It was a bit strange getting induced into a Hall of Fame when I feel like I am just getting started, but it was an incredible privilege.

During this time, I had some time to reflect on my journey these past 6 years since starting my company and only 9 years since I graduated from Sheridan. I have thought about the days filled with meetings, projects I’ve launched, failures I’ve encountered, and lastly, the people who have helped me. I wanted to take the time to mention a few people that have helped me get to where I am, as success is ultimately a team sport, and seldom accomplished alone.

My dadmy mom

My Parents – I know it seems obvious, but I am grateful for parents that helped me get through post-secondary education and get out of it without loads of debt. Although they didn’t always fully understand my crazy business plans and aspirations, they always supported me in pursuing my passion in marketing.

David Shinwell

David & Claire Shinwell – My life-time friend Alex’s dad started mentoring me in business at the age of 5. He encouraged me to think about business models / marketing / sales right from kindergarden and has been a constant support through my career. He now teaches Marketing at a local college and those students don’t know how lucky they are! I wouldn’t be where I am today without these wonderful people.

My Wife – Lastly, and most importantly, Tammy has been my best friend and biggest fan for the past 10 years and my truly my secret weapon in life. She deserves a lot more credit than anyone else in what I do on a daily basis, as she manages life / kids / our house with my crazy schedule. She keeps me balanced, fed, focused and most of all, encouraged.

There are tons of others that I could mention, but I figure three is enough for my simple blog!

I’d love to hear from you, who in your life has been your biggest fan / encouragement?

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