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Making the Most of out Millennials

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I find myself constantly speaking about, debating, and arguing for the Millennial generation in the workplace (as if it were a new topic). Last week I spoke at ElectroFed in Banff about becoming Relevant to Millennials as an industry, along with a lot of other amazing speakers that basically gave a similar message. Given that the oldest group of Millennials are now 35 years old, I find it strange how people still don’t understand how to utilize this generation effectively in the workplace. Without getting into the entire history of why Millennials are the way they are, here are 4 easy ways that you can engage Millennials in the workplace. Just for fun, they all start with the letter M.

1. Motivate – Yes they may need some motivation, as they are the most marketed to generation. Sometimes they need to be inspired to complete certain tasks. One way to inspire Millennials is to share why the task is important and how it will serve a greater purpose. A Millennial who is lacking the motivation to do a good job is one that is looking for another job. Why do they need so much motivation? Maybe it has something to do with every kid getting an award in Soccer Camp…

2. Multicultural – We have truly become a multicultural society, including inside the office. For this reason, it’s critical to embrace different cultures, customs, holidays and food. Instead of ordering a bunch of cold ham sandwiches for a staff lunch, consider ordering in sushi or even roti if you feel adventurous. Each month, our team goes out for lunch and we have two requirements; first it has to be new to most of us, second it has to be ethnic. We’ve had the best lunches you could ever imagine.

3. Mention – Public affirmation is a part of the Millennial culture, and it’s an amazing one.  If someone does a good job on a project, we mention and praise their success in front of the team. They don’t need a plaque. Just knowing that they completed a project well, expressed with a few sincere words, goes a long way.

4. Mold – Millennials love feedback. They love constructive feedback, enjoy life hacks, appreciate job growth, and read tons of articles every day about how to become a better person. They are looking for constant feedback, so make sure you’re dishing it out on a regular basis. Review their jobs quarterly, not annually, and set up measurable benchmarks for them to achieve.

I am a Millennial CEO who leads a Marketing Agency, and who loves to hire new / young talent. I firmly believe that we need to embrace the Millennial generation and all that they have to offer. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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