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Delivering keynote speeches is the best part of my job. Over the years, I’ve spoken at over 100 events in 20+ cities. I’ve always considered it a joy and a privilege to teach a crowd something new and help them understand more about Digital Marketing while keeping them entertained along the way. Over the past year, the demand for events became so high, that I started looking for an agency that could help me manage all of the inbound requests.

The very week that I started my search for an agency, Speakers Spotlight, a highly respected agency with offices in Toronto and Calgary, contacted me. They had heard about my presentations through one of their clients, and were interested in representing me. During a quick phone call with the CEO, Martin Perelmuter, (who looks exactly like his LinkedIN profile picture), I immediately connected with the purpose and passion behind Speakers Spotlight, and we struck a deal.

Why did I go through an agency? 

Even though I’ve worked directly with clients for years on different events, I found it difficult to manage my schedule between the demands of event organizers and travel agencies. As the CEO of Candybox, I need to make sure I’m available to my clients and staff, not spending my time worrying about how to travel from Toronto to Vancouver and back in 1.5 days for three different events. Working with Speakers Spotlight has been incredible, as their staff have taken this large job off of my shoulders entirely.

I choose to work with Speakers Spotlight because they are leading the industry in top-quality speakers, and have a skilled team who is able to support this huge demand. I also value my relationship with an agency more than most. After spending time with their team, I could tell that the relationship was valued on both ends.

Why do I speak in public? 

First off, I really enjoy it. I was heavily involved in theatre and improv in extra-curricular classes as a teenager, and over the years my passion for speaking in front of others has only grown. I find that people who speak about Digital Marketing, however, fall into two categories:

1. They are either amazing at giving keynotes, but aren’t relevant because they aren’t in the industry anymore.


2. They are still in the industry, but aren’t the best speakers.

I enjoy giving the audience both; real industry-related case studies and a great presentation.

Second, I love meeting new people. At every event that I attend, I have the privilege of getting to speak to CEO’s and VP’s of marketing for different companies. I am able to speak with them about their problems, questions and plans for the future, and am able to provide some guidance where needed. Some companies even choose to involve us in those plans.

Third, I want to help companies market themselves better online. On a daily basis I speak to companies that have either failed to engage with Digital Marketing, or worse, they’ve done it all wrong. For every one good Digital Agency, there seems to be nine terrible ones.

I could tell horror stories of failed Facebook campaigns, blogging strategies and website that haven’t produced a single qualified lead. Most people don’t know why it didn’t go well and simply write off online marketing all together. I’m a bit of an evangelist in my industry, as my goal is to help people understand how an investment of $1 in online ads can create a profit of $100 in qualified leads. It’s not magic, nor is it only for companies with the biggest budgets. Digital Marketing can work for everyone, if done right.

My experience with Speakers Spotlight

Within days I started receiving emails for speaking events across the country, as the entire team at Speakers Spotlight seamlessly worked with us to plan events without skipping a beat. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing team representing me and look forward to speaking at more events!


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