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I’m always evaluating the time I spend on social media networks in relation to their ROI. There are a ton of so-called “Social Media Experts” that will tell you it’s not about gaining a return on investment, but I’d respectfully disagree. If you are not receiving anything back from your network, including social credibility, exposure, great relationships, or sales, then it’s just a hobby.

Over the years, I’ve migrated the majority of my efforts from Facebook, to Twitter, to LinkedIn, to Snapchat and now to Instagram. Why? Because I’m getting a better return. I don’t have the time to invest a ton of hours and energy on every network, so I choose one and do it well. I’m still (somewhat) active on these other networks, but it’s important to focus on a primary and secondary network so you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve invested a ton of time in producing and releasing videos on my Insta account and have seen substantial growth. I have gained about 3K followers over this time period without the use of buying followers that would never amount to anything. Watching my account grow has been great as it has helped to boost my “credibility” visually, but there is a fundamental issue – my followers don’t talk to me. I get tons of video views and thousands of likes, but very few comments or real connections.

48 hours ago, I decided it was time to overcome this issue and signed up for a program called Followers to Fans Society by Tyler McCall. I had been following Tyler on Instagram for a while and found that his posts were authentic & engaging without being too salesy. I knew that I needed help to understand what was wrong with my strategy and knew that I had a few things that I could learn from him.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far in 48 hours:

  1. Instagram Stories is one of the most powerful tools you can use – Besides posting on Instagram, stories let you connect with people on a personal level every day. They don’t need to be perfect pictures and rarely are. They just need to be real. People love responding to stories and each response becomes a DM (or conversation) that you can easily continue. After the first day of posting tons of stories, I had 28 conversations with fans, tons of comments, and gained more meaningful connections than I have in months.
  2. Stories should be strategic – Instead of just bringing Instagram into your life, you should think about how you can bring your life to Instagram. Treat your story as a story. Each day should have a beginning, middle, and an end; your viewers should feel like they’ve received value from your story. I’ve set up my calendar with different types of stories that Tyler’s program runs through each day, and spend about 20 minutes managing the process. It’s a lot of work, but it’s paying off big time.
  3. It’s not about your follower count – I’ve taught this, preached this, and know this, but there’s always the pressure to get your follower count up. I’ve given up looking at this number as an indicator of my success on this network and have doubled down to making every follower, count. If it looks like spam, I just block them, because who wants fake followers. It’s clean up time!
  4. Use all of the tools – Instagram has so many features that I haven’t been using, and I’m committed to learning all of them. From using superzoom to pinning graphics, to placements, there are too many to list in this blog. The only way to learn these tools (or use them on the fly) is to start exploring the platform and seeing how other industry professionals are taking advantage of them.

I’d love to know what you’ve learned about this network! Leave your learnings in the comments, below. Oh, and if you want to have an authentic conversation with me, feel free to follow 🙂 

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