#Gmail is unavailable, but I’m still a believer

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So today, at 2:10pmEST Gmail went down. Yes, both my personal / business accounts went down and finally spit out a message that they are temporarily unavailable.

For some people out there, it is a cause to panic, and they are justified. What to do with the spare 10 minutes of no bombarding emails coming in, I still have no idea. But I am still a huge Gmail / work in the cloud believer, and here’s why:

1. Gmail is almost never down

Yes, I know it is down now (2:15pmEST and counting), but it will most likely be up within 10 or so minutes. There isn’t need to panic, and it won’t be a few days before the IT guy fixes it. For businesses with in-house servers, this is a regular occurrence and can even take a day or two to resolve.

2. I won’t lose anything

Even though they are having an outage, it won’t mean that all of my data is lost. Many other services don’t have emails backed up, and apparently Gmail backs documents up 7 times over. I am confident that when it comes online, I’ll have everything I need to keep working.

3. Pobody’s Nerfect.

I really don’t mind when SUPER LARGE companies service goes down. It is a wonderful gentle reminder that everyone can have a bad day, and it makes a company like mine not look too bad when we have a short outage.

As a long-time Google user, and now working with Google Apps for my business, I for one am STILL happy with Gmail, even though I keep getting this error. Strange eh?

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