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It’s been a while since my last blog post, and there is no good excuse for that. I’ve been busy; but isn’t everyone? Over the past two months since my book launch, I’ve been involved in book-signing events, TV interviews and podcasts. The news of 37 Ways Your Website Died has been shared by over 1,000 people and I am the recipient of daily encouraging emails from readers who loved the content. Now before you throw this article into the category of a humble brag, I mention all of these accomplishments because it wasn’t me that did them, it was the efforts of a amazing group of people. To each member of the team making this possible, I wanted to give them thanks publicly and let everyone know where the real magic happens. Just for fun, I’ve given them each fun team-member names below.

The Intern, Emily O’Gorman

When we planned this book launch on basecamp, our trusty PM software, every task needed an owner to make sure this stuff got done. The owner of the project, and most of the tasks, was our wonderful intern Emily. She came to us through the Sheridan College Marketing program, and excelled on her first day I assigned her the task of ‘Getting the book done’. I wrote it, and had an editor go through it, but that was it. Launch events, publishing it online, distribution, amazon and everything else fell into Emily’s camp and every task got checked off. Without her, this book would have still been a word document on my hard drive.

The Dreamer, Rebecca De Girolamo

I admittedly don’t like reading books, so my goal was to make a book that I would spend the time going through. Maybe it’s juvenile to admit this, but I love books with pictures. I hired Rebecca, an Illustrator currently attending Sheridan College, to bring my dreams to life with pictures for every page. Without these pictures, I don’t think I’d love the book as much as I do.

The Interviewer, Bryan Kramer

I met Bryan two years ago at a Social Media conference as we were going back and forth on Twitter, only later to realize that we were actually sitting next to each other the entire time. I guess we share a common strength / weakness of focusing on a task so much that you forget the outside world. Bryan did a short podcast interview where we discussed the book, and it was the most shared podcast on his site (400+ times)!

The De-coder, Leigh Colgan

I was known in school to be the one student who never proof-read his own work, ever. Once I am done with writing, I am already thinking about the next thing that I want to do. I knew that I needed a good editor who understood my (sometimes chaotic) thoughts enough to make sense out of each statement, and I found that in Leigh. I did end up proofing my work 4 times, which is a record.

 The Hub, Sheridan College

I can’t say enough about how much Sheridan has contributed towards my company, career and success. Over the years they have provided me with all of our staff, interns and are always supporting our events. They even hosted a book launch event for us that got a huge turnout in the middle of a snow storm! You can check out the highlight reel below made by SeeMyClients if you want to see a recap of the event.

I want to thank every person who has played a part in making this book a success. Here’s to sweeter websites in 2015!


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