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Get a 10 week vacation for free

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The other day I read an article which noted the average commute around Toronto is 45 minutes long – and that’s only one way. The worst part I think about commuting into work is that after a long hard day at the office you have to do it all over again and go home.

As I was pondering this statistic in the shower and getting ready to head into my home office for the day, I took great pleasure in adding up all of the time that I save per year working remotely. Some quick math for you: this equates to 22,500 minutes OR 375 hours OR 50 working days OR 10 weeks of work!!! ┬áSeriously, 10 weeks of work? If you have three weeks off already you can now add these two wonderful numbers together and that’s a whopping 13 week / year job!

What I would do with a 10 week vacation? I have no idea. Yet for those of us who make the extra effort to work from home these wonderful 10 weeks are spread out every morning and evening to spend time with family, getting some exercise in or maybe even some extra sleep.

Just for fun, I’d love to hear about what you’d do if you were suddenly given a 10 week vacation. What would you do? Where would you go?

10 week vacation for free

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  1. Italy!
    Such a great encouragement to us Darrell. We’ll get there, and then maybe we could all take one of the 10 weeks and go find a cottage somewhere?!

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