Instagram Stories | What I learned in 48 hours

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I’m always evaluating the time I spend on social media networks in relation to their ROI. There are a ton of so-called “Social Media Experts” that will tell you it’s not about gaining a return on investment, but I’d respectfully disagree. If you are not receiving anything back from your network, including social credibility, exposure, great relationships, or sales, then it’s …

How To Take a Digital Cleanse

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We clean out our homes in the spring, our garages in the fall, and some of us even brave nutritional cleanses, but what about our digital lives? This is not an article about taking time away from our digital-selves, but instead how to clean up our digital lives so that it’s easier to navigate. Over time, just like with our homes, our …

Entrepreneur of the Year Canada

Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 | Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

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On November 2nd, 2016, I had the honour of accepting CAMP’s (Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals) award for Entrepreneur of the Year. It was awarded based on the new agency I started last year,  Launch 48, which has seen tremendous success in the Digital Marketing world over the past 16 months. I came up with the idea of creating and launching …

gmail hacks pro

Gmail like a Ninja with 9 Golden Rules

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The problem with Gmail is it’s default settings, or the way that people use email regularly. It’s clunky, disorganized, and some people spend more time managing their email, rather than using their email. I frequently get asked how I stay on top of things as a serial Entrepreneur / CEO / Keynote Speaker / Dad. Although there are a bunch of life-hacks that I …


Why Peeple Is Destined for Failure

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I have hope for most businesses, apps, ventures and the like. I could argue with most people on why the dumbest apps are great ideas, because all you need to do is find a niche and serve it well. But then there’s the most talked about app this week that I think is destined for absolute failure; Peeple. If you …

Keynote speakers discussing millennial relevance

Making the Most of out Millennials

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I find myself constantly speaking about, debating, and arguing for the Millennial generation in the workplace (as if it were a new topic). Last week I spoke at ElectroFed in Banff about becoming Relevant to Millennials as an industry, along with a lot of other amazing speakers that basically gave a similar message. Given that the oldest group of Millennials are …

Launch48 Workspace

Disrupting The Web Design Industry With Launch 48

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When a small business needs to get a website up and running, it’s like getting a root canal over a 6 month period. I’ve heard horror stories from business owners of delayed launches, frustrating email threads with designers, and even being dissatisfied with the end product when all is said and done. If the website does eventually get launched, they are …

Darrell Keezer Book Signing at Sheridan College

Giving Thanks

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It’s been a while since my last blog post, and there is no good excuse for that. I’ve been busy; but isn’t everyone? Over the past two months since my book launch, I’ve been involved in book-signing events, TV interviews and podcasts. The news of 37 Ways Your Website Died has been shared by over 1,000 people and I am the …

37 Ways your Website Died Picture

37 Ways Your Website Died – My First Book

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Less than two years ago I decided to contribute towards the business arena by writing a book about what I do at Candybox Marketing. I consider it our mission to help companies launch websites that actually work, are pleasing to the eye, and convert visitors into customers. We take poor converting, ugly, confusing websites and make them into marketing machines. …

sheridan hall of fame

Sheridan College Hall of Fame

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Last week I was inducted into the Sheridan College Hall of Fame. It has been a great privilege accepting this award and having a permanent place in one of the most innovative Colleges in Canada. It was a bit strange getting induced into a Hall of Fame when I feel like I am just getting started, but it was an incredible privilege. Post by …