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Gmail like a Ninja with 9 Golden Rules

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The problem with Gmail is it’s default settings, or the way that people use email regularly. It’s clunky, disorganized, and some people spend more time managing their email, rather than using their email. I frequently get asked how I stay on top of things as a serial Entrepreneur / CEO / Keynote Speaker / Dad. Although there are a bunch of life-hacks that I …

Millennials Jumping

Why Millennials Don’t Want To Work For You

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Having trouble attracting new talent? Are you finding Millennials frustrating because they are lazy, incompetent and never able to focus on a single task? If you feel this way about hiring those 20 somethings, I have the answer to your problem. They don’t like you. If you share the perceptions I mentioned above, that Millennials are lazy & terrible workers, you are …