Beginning of a Social Journey with Golf

Darrell Keezer My Journey of Golfing 2 Comments

It’s about relationships. I use that term in almost every marketing plan, presentation, speaking event, seminar… you get the picture. It always comes back to relationships in business. On an almost daily basis I am questioned about the value that Social Media has for individual business, and I always need to bring it back to WHO their customer is and WHERE they spend their time.

That’s exactly why I decided to learn how to golf.

Seriously Darrell? Absolutley. Over the past two years, I noticed that most of my customers & business connections liked to golf. I’ve turned down over 20 different golfing events by this point, always because I didn’t understand the game, or know how to play it. I turned down face-time with the people I care about most. #Fail

So I decided to change all of that and start learning how to build relationships on the greens, like my customers have had to learn how to build relationships online. I bought a pair of golf shorts, called a good friend, and had my first game this year.

My First Game

I had some serious doubts about my first game. I have never been active at sports, unless you count starting businesses as a 5 year old a sport. When it came to learning one of the most complex games known to man, I had some serious fears.

My first game was at Summit Golf Course, just north of Toronto. I had a new friend at my church generously volunteer to teach me, and after finding out that he played in the PGA for 8 years, I figured that he would the right kind of guy to take on this daunting task.

At the end of the day, after 18 holes, 30+ lost balls, and some sore feet, I had a great time. I don’t know what my score was, neither do I wish to know, but I actually fell in love with the game I always feared. The long walks from hole to hole, conversations with a new friend and satisfaction of finally hitting that little white ball straight down the fairway, helped me fall in love with a new game.

Would love to hear your thoughts / encouragements!

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  1. Congratulations Darrell . . . golf can be a very humbling sport, and, if not taken too seriously a wonderful interaction with friends and nature.

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