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5 Benefits of Working from Home

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I have the privilege of working from home. A luxury that many businesses don’t fully understand, and regularly critisize. Since Yahoo called in their virual workers in 2013, there has been even more speculation about whether working from home is a good option for businesses.

If you want to read an excellent book on the topic, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of Remote from the guys who build Basecamp. It is a must read for both pro / anti virtual offices. Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and want to give you my top 5 benefits of working from home: 

1. You get more done, Period! 

When I tell people that I work from home, an image of me sitting on my couch, wearing fuzzy slippers, letting the cat in every ten minutes seems to cross their mind. I have worked from home for the majority of my working life and I can tell you honestly that it is the furthest from the truth. When I start working at 8am, the door is shut and I get down to business. I will probably work through my lunch most days, and my concentration is almost never broken. I remember working in an office environment where I would watch people do nothing most days and feel like they are contributing by warming a seat and hammering away at keys (answering personal emails). Working at home is just more efficient.

2. You work longer. 

I don’t have a commute, so I’m never late. I am not dependant on my car. I don’t have to take half a day for a Doctors appointment. I don’t take a lot (or almost any) sick days. If I am awake, and it’s office hours, I’m working.

3. You aren’t a stranger to your family / spouse. 

My neighbors leave their house at 7:05am every morning to rush the kids off to daycare and get to the office. They get back around 6:45 each night with their kids in tow. For the record, 7am-7pm is when my kids are awake. The 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening are where I get to play, wrestle, feed, bathe and talk with my kids. If I had to commute, these golden hours would be spent in gridlock on the 401.

4. You live healthier lives. 

When you need to commute, you are stressed out by spending countless hours driving and road (sometimes in dangerous weather), eat out constantly and are around a huge office of people who share every germ imaginable. Hear me properly, I am not a shut in and love going out, but these daily acts are full of cholesterol building / blood pressure raising routines that I would wish on nobody.

5. Save Money. 

Eat out less, drive less and make less necessary purchases because you forgot something at home and you will find yourself with a bit more at the end of each month.

Do you work from home? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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      Thanks Judy, a MAJOR benefit! I love knowing that my footprint that I will leave behind will be a small one in comparison to the corporate world. PS – Love what you do.

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