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37 Ways Your Website Died – My First Book

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Less than two years ago I decided to contribute towards the business arena by writing a book about what I do at Candybox Marketing. I consider it our mission to help companies launch websites that actually work, are pleasing to the eye, and convert visitors into customers. We take poor converting, ugly, confusing websites and make them into marketing machines.

Today, I am happy to announce the release of my new book, 37 Ways Your Website Died, that outlines the majority of  reasons why your website project may fail (and how to resurrect it).

37 Ways Your Websites Died

(Download the Media Kit Here)

Why 37?

The internet is full of useless content and I am committed to not producing more of it.  I compiled a list of high-priority pitfalls that we most often encounter when working with clients. It just happened to be a list of 37. If I made it 40, I would have to make up 3 more just to fill space, and your time is worth much more than that.

Feel free to download the book on Amazon, or download the first three chapters for free on www.37ways.com.

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